International Treasure House Ministries


Rescuing and Equipping orphans and vulnerable children.


ITHM was established in 1997 in order to rescue and equip orphans and vulnerable children. From Romania to Ethiopia to Kenya, where our work is now focused, we have watched the positive transformation of children.

The purpose of ITHM is to rescue orphans and destitute children by breaking the cycle of poverty. We desire to show these children that they are treasures and their lives are valuable. This is done through sharing the Gospel of Jesus, providing a quality education, meeting practical needs, building safe housing and placing children in family structures. 

We have expanded our work to also rescue young mothers and their babies in order to show them love and equip them for success. By equipping moms we enable them to keep their babies and therefore reduce the number of children being abandoned.


Education Scholarships

Breaking the chains of poverty

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The Acacia Ranch

Family empowerment and sustainability

The Treasure House

A rescue center and home to many


Monthly pledges allows us to continue to provide care, support, and education to kids in Kenya. 

International Treasure House Ministries, Inc. is a registered nonprofit-501(c)3 established in 1997. We partner with the church, individuals, local organizations and corporations to reach some of the most marginalized children in the world.