The Acacia Ranch is ITHM's project to work towards self-sustainability in Kenya, as well as a family empowerment project.

The "Acacia Ranch" is named after Africa's beloved Acacia tree and "Ranch"  because the Lawrences are Texans. 

ITHM owns two acres of land located in Kenya behind the lush Ngong Hills, just 24 miles from the city of Nairobi. It borders the Treasure House and another 2 acres that ITHM is developing.


The Purposes of the Acacia Ranch: Self-Sustainability, Family Empowerment and Next Step

Self Sustainability: We know sustainability is one way ITHM can thrive in Kenya. Plans towards self sustainability on The Acacia Ranch include food production and animal husbandry with the purpose of feeding our rescued residents at The Treasure House as well as making an income to help cover the cost of our scholarship program.

Family Empowerment: As Jennifer works with the local children's department she has come across single mothers who have been stuck in the paralyzing cycle of poverty.  Moms have not been able to work because they have no childcare.  They have no childcare due to not having money to pay a babysitter, because they do not have jobs.  ITHM has been able to hire three at risk moms to work the land while their babies come to the Treasure House.  This has provided better nourishment for the children, a safe environment and given them a lift in early childhood development.  The mothers' dignity has been restored because they can now afford to feed their children.  It has been amazing to see seeds of hope planted in the mother's hearts that bloom into joy.

Next Step: The Acacia Ranch has become a learning ground for some of ITHM's scholarship students.  For many of these young men it is their first job.  On top of learning job skills and farming they get to earn some money and work towards their scholarship funding.  We recently had two of our guys move from the Treasure House premises to their own rented room.  This is the first time they have been "on their own" and although it is an adjustment, they are doing great!

We invite you to join us as we work to develop the Acacia Ranch and reach our neighboring communities. 



Help reach those in desperate need of food and care.

Visit ITHM in Kenya and help us develop the Acacia Ranch.