The Acacia Ranch is ITHM's self-sustainability project in Kenya.

The "Acacia Ranch" is named after Africa's beloved Acacia tree and because we are Texans. More importantly, we want our children to experience freedom from the stigma of identifying with an orphanage or children's home.

ITHM owns two acres of land located in Kenya behind the lush Ngong Hills, just 24 miles from the city of Nairobi.


The Purpose of the Acacia Ranch

Our goal is to build two cottages on the Acacia Ranch. One cottage will be a Christian rescue center for orphaned and abandoned children, ages two to five. We will house, feed and educate them until placed through adoption with their forever family. The second cottage will become a forever home for our children deemed "non-adoptable." To learn more about adoption and the orphan crisis in Kenya, click The Treasure House - Kenya

We know sustainability is one way ITHM can thrive in Kenya. Plans for sustainability development on The Acacia Ranch include food production with the purpose of feeding our rescued children at The Treasure House - Kenya and providing income.

 Future plans also include a water project operating from the Acacia Ranch. ITHM will sell water from a borehole to the neighboring community. Water is scarce in Kajiado County, Kenya. ITHM will be a place to purchase clean water. 

The Acacia Ranch will soon be a model farm for Aquaponics and "Farming God's Way." With food security as a problem for many, teaching quality farming skills is another way to break the cycle of poverty. 

We invite you to join us as we work to develop the Acacia Ranch and reach our neighboring communities. 



Help reach our neighboring communities. 

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